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Hello I do apologize for the long intro but really need help in the right direction if possible please. I suffer from Cluster Headaches (nickname Suicide Headaches) as they are that painful. Many suffers are finding shrooms to stop their cycles for those of us who are episodic and for those who are chronic. No pharma meds work and the fact that shrooms puts us in remission is not a cure but a Gift. Now there are many who are not stopping their cycles or taking very long with shrooms. There are many factors such as specie, age, size, potency, chemical makeup, amount dosing on, Meds interfering, different medical conditions, tolerance and yes the list goes on. I have written two theories as to why shrooms help but my theories are not science based as I lack the knowledge. But learning as I go. My interest is to see CH suffers live pain free with a dosing regimen that suits their personal body needs. When CH suffers say that it is not working for them and they have been following the regime protocol, one of the many questions asked is was specie (strain) are you using. Sadly, the don’t even know because of the manner which it is acquired, I am actively trying to find out why shrooms work and we are even starting a Central Station with collaboration from CH groups in all countries and Universities and research groups. So yes we don`t know the cause but treatment with shrooms work. All information and data we gather and analyse will then be available for parties interested. We want to have a census and shrooms will be in there. What I am asking for. Is there a site with all listed shrooms and their chemical composition, street name and effects? We don`t know why it works but if we can start seeing trends that will point us back to the chemical part, it could give us a base from where we can work. I hope this message finds you well and any pointers in the right direction will be most welcome Kind Regards Gavin Brenkman

CH sufferer
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I see people talk about set and setting and that it's important. Setting is the place, but what is set?

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