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19 Nov 2018

Mushroom Corks - Convenient, Compact, Captivating

by Roderick

A novel preparation from robobosswave on reddit, these easy to make and even easier to dose “corks” are ideal for storage, transportation and even parties! He first encountered these corks nearly 15 years ago as a teen and was keen to reproduce them eventually. The only ingredient is finely ground mushrooms of your choice, dehydrated completely. No fillers or binders are necessary.

Corks - Bagged (Cover)Blue Amazonians (Yin-yangs) and Mexican Cube/Penis Envy 50/50 (Yellow)

Ground mushrooms maximize surface area for absorption in your body, leading to a faster onset. These corks can also be crumbled and fill-in for powdered mushrooms in teas and other recipes. By being pressed into dense corks, only the outside is exposed to oxygen, preserving the active compounds within. Robobosswave suggests that once vacuum-sealed, shielded from light, and refrigerated, these corks can maintain their potency for years.

__*Corks made with Brazilian P. cubensis. Easily broken in half for dosing*__ Corks made with Brazilian P. cubensis. Easily broken in half for dosing

Their small size makes eating a gram of mushrooms as easy as swallowing a pill, no bigger than a large vitamin. The ones produced by robobosswave are 10mm wide and only 16mm tall. They can also be easily broken in half and may even be amenable to microdosing given the potency of the mushrooms used. Like all pills, these should be accompanied by an abundance of water, as they will rapidly expand when rehydrated.

This does require a somewhat specialized, but obtainable, tool: a pill-press that can come in many different forms. Robobosswave uses a hand-crafted, three-piece steel press that is actuated by the smack of a hammer. He says that, with practice, a batch of twenty corks can be produced in as little as 20 minutes.

__*The 3-piece steel press, crafted and used by robobosswave*__ The 3-piece steel press, crafted and used by robobosswave

On top of the convenience for dosing and storage, this process helps to minimize or eliminate the issues that arise from inconsistent potency between mushrooms.

"Research by Bigwood & Beug with P. cubensis demonstrated that while psilocybin concentration is highly variable (up to a factor of four within the same culture, a factor of 10 between cultures), it does not increase or decrease with subsequent harvests or “flushes”. Psilocin concentrations however, are nearly non-existent on the first “flush”, peaking at and after the fourth."

robobosswave usually prepares 20 corks at a time, with an exact weight of 1 gram each. He grinds the 20g of dried mushrooms together (with a NutriBullet or Magic Bullet blender), equalizing the different strengths of the individual mushrooms. Because of this, all the corks produced from the batch should be roughly equal in potency.

__*Two equally-sized corks with significantly different, but known, potency*__ Two equally-sized corks with significantly different, but known, potency

Reference: Bigwood, Jeremy and Michael W. Beug (1982) Variation of psilocybin and psilocin levels with repeated flushes (harvests) of mature sporocarps of Psilocybe cubensis (Earle) Singer. Journal of ethnopharmacology 5 (3): 287-91.

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peetuhr15 Feb 2019

I've made these before, and have nothing but good things to say about em. They're great for all the reasons listed above, and I also found them to be easier on my stomach.