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14 Oct 2018

Gastronomy and Psychedelics: A Recipe Series

by Psillow

From cooking in restaurants to culinary school, you generally won’t ever have psilocybin as a recipe ingredient or in most meals. But, if you’ve ever taken magic mushrooms, you know that ingesting it with food is best – for taste anyway. Mixing drugs with food must always be considered carefully and with caution, and sometimes it is best to take drugs such as psilocybin naturally, especially if you’re new to the experience. To be clear, psilocybin is illegal in a lot of jurisdictions, which means there is little assurance that your experience will be as ‘advertised’ — it’s important to do your research and learn about the type of mushrooms that you’re ingesting, before you ingest.

Psilocybin is a chemical compound that is absorbed by your body, and if taken while food is also being absorbed by your body, it can reduce or in some cases enhance the effect. If you are an experienced user, however, you might want a little change in your experience that makes it all the better. Ready to spice up your trip creatively?

From adding some mushroom spice to your culinary experience, to a bit of psilocybin to your lunch or dinner, or ending off your meal right, with a sip of a psychedelic alcohol extract, this recipe series will look at magic mushrooms in a different light. Always use caution in terms of dosing when cooking with psilocybin, or you could just reap the benefits of non-psychedelic mushrooms instead. We’ll be covering everything from drinks to foods, from desserts to hearty meals, all with the focus of incorporating psilocybin into your meal in a palatable way.

Check back every week for a new perspective mixing together some delicious gastronomical recipes with your psychedelic experience. And if there’s a mushroom recipe you’re especially keen on, let us know!

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